Are you the parent of a child with special needs?  Do you struggle with wondering why God would allow your child and family to struggle in this way?  Do you feel yourself suddenly and unexpectedly in the throws of grief?  Do the words “secondary trauma” resonate with you?  Do you feel guilty for having these struggles?  

You are NOT alone.  

It is common for parents of children with special needs to push aside their own feelings and struggles as they are in the heightened roles of advocate and care giver or even as they experience secondary trauma from these associated struggles.  This can lead to health issues and relational issues.

Hope Anew is a safe community where you can be real with your struggles with other parents who really get it.  Our goal is for you to experience Christ-centered hope & healing as we process topics like:

  • Why God?
  • What is Chronic Grief?
  • Guilt & Forgiveness
  • What is a Heart Wound?
  • Healing Hearts

You can connect with Hope Anew and begin your journey to Hope & Healing through our online & regional workshops where we will process the above topics as well as others, and interact with other parents through our Facebook page.

Hope Anew is the kind of support I needed all those years ago. People who had experienced what I was going through. Someone who would listen and not judge or give me “advice” that I didn’t need. Someone who understood my feelings, questions, and frustration. “Did I do something to cause this?” “Why is God punishing me?” I had many more questions and fought depression. Hope Anew will give parents like my husband and I: hope, encouragement, support, and someone who knows our pain. I don’t want another parent to go through this alone.
— Brenda